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The Liminal Pathways


26th September 2018

Change is a basic human experience

We do not have to learn it. We have to recognise, that there is an energy & pattern of change going through our lives. There are things we can do to harness it, to help us grow, to complete change cycles. There are things we can do to hold others in change, as leaders, in guiding our teams & organisations.

Leadership Festival Pre-Fest workshop gives a chance to look more closely on what does CHANGE mean. 



For a long time traditional peoples have known about the inner processes and the outer structures that are integral to guiding transformational change. In this workshops you will be introduced to an archetypal framework of change, the Liminal Pathways Model, which draws from this traditional knowledge.


It will help you understand how transformative processes can unfold not only for individuals and groups but also organizations and communities. We will emphasize working with the uncertainty and ambiguousness of transformational processes. 

You will have an opportunity to work with a personal change challenge to deepen your insights. In addition, this workshop will help you become prepared to more fully engage the transformational intention of the Leadership Festival—although participating in the Leadership Festival is not required to participate in this workshop.

About Gisela Wending

Gisela is The Grove's Vice President of Global Learning.


Her expertise in humans systems change and organizational learning is based in 25 years of working with a wide range of organizations in the private and public sector.


She has held leadership position in the high tech industry, education, and has had field experiences with indigenous people in Peru, Africa and Australia.


Gisela is German-born and raised and has resided in Canada and Australia, in addition to living most of her adult life near San Francisco in the US.

Hear Gisela introducing the workshop

Intro to Pre-Fest Workshop

Intro to Pre-Fest Workshop

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Join just the workshop

Attend the powerful workshop by itself without taking part in Leadership Festival.


Go to and enter code: Solo

Cost: 750 Euro

Join Leadership festival with workshop

Become a part of Leadership Festival and extend your experience with The Liminal Pathways workshop - cost depends on the selected ticket type.


Contact us at to make sure you get your place. The number of available spots is very limited!


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