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End-to-end Experience

Like every year, this is an end-to-end experience. Joining, prepare to participate in all sessions: online, on the phone and daily Practice.
Every day follows the same pattern. Plan 4.5h/day for the full experience.

Our live-Zoom times every day are 5-8.30pm CEST / 8-11.30am PDT.

The other 1.5h are self-organised, however it best works for you.

(We meet during the beautiful time-slot, that allows Europe & the Americas to join.)

How do we gather?
AGORA everybody meeting in the same zoom room, with integrated break-out sessions. Two 1.5h sessions with a 30 min break in between.

PRACTICE is done daily and individually at a time that works for you. It is about you engaging with your local ecosystem. Every day you will receive a PDF with instructions to either interact with people, observe dynamics in a system or pull in additional data & allow it to impact our collective understanding. A moment for bursting outside of the Festival bubble & connecting to the bigger world. Self-organised, alone or with local friends  - ca. 1h.

BUDDIES One last year’s learnings is: Every becoming leader should have a buddy to look out for them. Buddies are two people, who meet daily in a self-organised way. This is a place to discuss new ideas & technologies from the day & how they could support our organisations. Finally, a buddy gives us an opportunity to offer confidential feedback & support when needed. Our intention is to form buddy-ships for the time of the Festival, but we know of last year’s buddies still going strong. Wanna buddy up? Self-organised phone call while having a walk - 30 min.


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