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to join us?

Focused community for co-creation & impact

We aim to engage with those, who have the feeling this is the right place for them to advance their work. Those willing to contribute their challenges & explore them with the community. To engage in collective learning through positive impact action. 

This year's event is designed to support an intimate dynamics, where it takes shorter to feel connected to others. Our prototypes show, that a good number of participants is around 50.

This event is non-profit, which means all income generated through tickets pays the expenditures related to us organising the Festival.

We decided to make paid tickets, to increase the possibility, that people truly commit and join fully.

Regular ticket

70 € + tax

We also decided to make the price not be a big deal...


..still, if it is for you, please donate what works. We recommend a minimum donation of 30€.

...and if you are in a position to support us with a more generous donation, that would be lovely too.

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